About the healthyliving award


The healthyliving award is a national award for the foodservice sector in Scotland. Eating out plays an important and increasing part in people’s lives and what people are increasingly looking for is good healthier food.

It has long been recognised that caterers can play an important role in influencing what their customers eat, and it is important to recognise and reward those who are making it easier for their customers to eat more healthily. The healthyliving award aims to achieve this.

The award criteria are based on the general principles of a healthy balanced diet and have been developed to be in keeping with Scottish dietary targets.

Funding and Management

The award is managed and delivered by NHS Health Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government. The award forms an integral part of the Scottish Government's route map to prevent overweight and obesity.

 Fitting into wider policy

In February 2010, the Scottish Government and COSLA launched a long-term obesity strategy entitled Preventing Overweight and Obesity in Scotland: A Route Map Towards Healthy Weight. The 'Obesity Route Map' recognises that the Government cannot expect people to be able to change their behaviour alone and this document identifies four key areas in which action is likely to have the greatest effect, for example reducing the demand for and consumption of excessive amount of high calorie food and drinks. In addition to the Action Plan the Scottish Government has also published a suite of indicators to monitor the progress of the route map.

Partnership working

The award benefits from partnership working with the Scottish Government's Take Life On campaign.

The Food Standards Agency Scotland, NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee are amongst those supportive of the award.

We work closely with the Healthy Working Lives team to ensure synergy between the catering sections of that award and our criteria.

Page last edited: 18 June 2013