photograph of caterers holding bread rollsCaterers

Are your customer looking for healthier food choices? Are you striving towards helping them by making your menu healthier?

Or do you already have plates brimming with healthy food and you'd like to be recognised for it?

Then you are a few clicks away from setting out on the road to a healthyliving award

Why aim for the healthyliving award ?

More and more people are switching on to the need to watch what they eat. 

Achievement of the healthliving award illustrates your committment to your customers' health, helps you meet the growing demand for healthier food and gains you national recognition. 

The healthyliving award is free. It costs nothing to register and often the changes will be simple; what have you got to lose?

Our team is here to help

Don't worry, you are not alone; our team will help you along the way and advise you on how you can meet the award criteria.  You may find you are already well on the way to helping your customers make healthier food choices.

If you have already held the healthyliving award for a full 2-year term, why not aim even higher with the healthyliving award plus?