Roy Duncan of DejaVuCase Study: DéjàVu Sandwich Bar and Café

The DéjàVu Sandwich Bar and Café in Aberdeen first gained the healthyliving award shortly after opening in September 2006 and has held it continuously ever since.

Positive word of mouth about the healthy fare on offer at the Café quickly made the shop very popular among local people.

Healthy alternative

Owner Roy Duncan said: “My aim when I opened DéjàVu was to sell food made solely from fresh, natural ingredients and to offer an alternative to the processed, unhealthy options that are unfortunately so common today.

“I heard about the healthyliving award at around the same time the Café opened. It seemed like a very simple and effective way to inform customers that they could find healthy options here, so I applied and quickly qualified for the award.”

All the items on the Café’s menu are prepared in as healthy a manner as possible, with bagels and baguettes baked on the premises and no readymade ingredients used in any of the dishes.

Fresh herbs are used in place of their dried and processed equivalents, natural yogurt replaces mayonnaise in many dressings and fillings, and sandwiches are made with low-fat spread rather than butter.

Quality ingredients

Roy explained: “All of our sandwiches are prepared in front of the customers, so they can appreciate the quality of our ingredients for themselves and see that we’re not adding ingredients like mayonnaise or salt.

“We have a lot of promotional material on the award displayed around the shop which explains the significance of the award logo, and it’s proving to be a real conversation starter.

Food prepared with real care

“Customers seem really pleased that they’re eating food prepared with real care not just for the taste but also for their health, and they often offer positive comments or ask questions, which is very encouraging.

“People keep coming back day after day, and they recommend the Café to their friends. There’s obviously a real consumer demand for healthy fare, and I’m delighted that the award helps people to recognise that it’s available here.”