What do I need to do?

That depends on what's on the menu at the moment

To achieve an award there are certain conditions that you must meet. These conditions are based on the general principles of a healthy balanced diet and appropriate promotion and marketing activity to encourage and support healthier eating. This may involve you changing some of your current catering practices to meet the individual requirements. However you may already be using healthier catering practices and be well on your way to achieving a healthyliving award.

The first step is to register

You can register your business online today. Once we have received your completed registration we will, with your consent, contact your Local Authority Food Enforcement Team for information on your last food hygiene inspection. Once we are confident you are meeting food hygiene requirements we will send you a starter pack.

Starter Pack

Once you receive your healthyliving award guidance for applicants starter pack you can start to work towards achievement of the award. Your pack will contain 3 easy to follow step by step booklets along with other award merchandise and promotional resources for you to use.

The guidance for applicants pack is the healthyliving award ‘bible’; it contains all the information needed to achieve the award. It also gives practical information and advice to help you put the conditions of the award into practice. The award assessment process is explained step by step too. Take time to read through each booklet, and start to implement any necessary changes to achieve each of the conditions.