What can you expect?

If you are eating in an establishment which holds or is working towards the healthyliving award you can expect the business to:

  1.  Be making the food they serve generally healthier by making broad changes to how they prepare it 
  2.  Support and encourage healthier eating through promotion and marketing activity.

It should be obvious:

  • That the food has been made with your health in mind
  • That you can eat healthily every time you visit.
  • That 50% of the menu has been prepared with healthier ingredients and cooking methods.
  • That options such as water, low fat dairy products and fruit and vegetables are always available
  • That the business is committed to the healthyliving award: they should be displaying their certificate or commitment statement and be using award posters, leaflets so you know they are using healthier ingredients, for example lower fat milk, low fat mayonnaise, lean meat.

HLA Statement of CommittmentA full list of criteria can be found in the caterers section.


What are the criteria based on?

The award criteria are based on the general principals of a healthy balanced diet and have been developed to be in keeping with Scottish dietary targets.

The award forms an integral part of the Scottish Government's route map to prevent overweight and obesity.

What should you do if you think a business is not upholding the criteria of the award?

If you believe an award holding business is not upholding the conditions of the award, you could in the first instance raise your concerns with the catering manager or head chef. However if you would prefer not to do this and would like to bring the matter to the attention of the healthyliving award Manager, then you can send an email to enquiries@healthylivingaward.co.uk or find alternative contact details here.