Assessors trained in the new criteria

01 February 2012

Over 80 new and existing assessors have attended training sessions held to make sure they are all up to speed with the recent changes to the award.

The first sessions were held in November, when around 40 existing assessors came together for refresher training to learn about the new criteria and get an introduction to the new resources.

Then in January, 40 potential new assessors were invited along to two separate training days, where they were introduced to the award and received all the training needed to carry out assessment visits in their local areas.

Following this initial training, shadow visit are currently underway: our assessment co-ordinator accompanying each new assessor to make sure they are fully versed in all aspects of the assessment process, before carrying out assessment visits on their own.

The new assessors came from far and wide, and from a varied range of backgrounds. Acting Assessment Co-ordinator Tricia McCartney, who delivered the training, commented: "they were a great group of people, very enthusiastic and willing to learn, and will be a great asset to the healthyliving award."