Changes to the healthyliving award

01 February 2011

We are currently working to make changes to ensure that the healthyliving award continues to grow and be successful while working within the limitations of new EU legislation.

What will change?

The main change will be that award holders and those working towards the award must in the near future stop using the healthyliving award apple logo to highlight healthier items on the menu and to consumers.

Why are changes needed?

This change is a result of European Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 on Nutrition and Health Claims Made on Foods. According to this regulation a health claim is defined as any claim that states, suggests or implies that a relationship exists between a food category, a food or one of its constituents and health. Using the apple logo against a menu item is seen to imply that it is healthier therefore a health claim is being made.  We are looking at other ways to help you inform consumers about what you are doing to make meals healthier.

What will stay the same?

The overarching principles of the award will remain: to work with and reward caterers across Scotland for making it easier for consumers to eat healthily when eating out. The conditions of the award will also continue to be based on the principles of a healthy balanced diet, namely using ingredients and cooking methods which result in less fat, salt and sugary foods being served.

What does this mean for the award?

A working group has been set up which will determine what this means in practice for the Award.  This group includes representatives from Scottish Government, the Food Standards Agency in Scotland and representatives from the catering sector to ensure it remains relevant, appropriate and practical for businesses. 

What happens next?

A pilot is due to commence in April. This will involve a small number of sites testing proposed changes to the criteria. The outcome of the pilot will be reviewed before final changes are made to the criteria and the associated award guidance and materials.

We will keep you updated on progress and will provide clear guidelines to award holders and those working towards the award.

Can I still use the apple logo for the time being?

You can continue to highlight your menu using the apple until we inform you otherwise. However we would advise against spending significant time or money on further labelling using the apple logo. If you choose not to continue to label your menu this will not impact on the outcome of an assessment or quality assurance visit.  Regardless of whether you continue to use the apple to highlight the healthier items, they must be placed in prominent positions, you must promote the award throughout the business and plan at least two promotional events a year. 

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