SUBWAY’s Healthy Intentions

17 February 2015

Subway branches have achieved healthyliving awards in 55 (31%) of their Scottish stores and are well on their way to achieving 100% accreditation.

Award-winning stores can be found across Scotland, making the healthy choice easy and affordable.

The commitment to achieve the healthyliving award is part of Subway’s wider commitment to the Scottish Government’s Supporting Heathy Choices public policy framework.

Subway and Heart Research UK held a reception at the Scottish Parliament, on Tuesday 17th February, to highlight the collaborative work they do to support activities to promote healthy hearts and heart research.  This event was used to shine a spotlight on Subway’s commitment to healthier catering which has enabled them to achieve so many healthyliving awards.

Maureen Watt MSP, Minister for Public Health said:

“For the Scottish Government, working with key players in the food industry is a vital way of improving Scotland’s eating habits, so I’m pleased to see Subway leading the way, and demonstrating that providing healthier options isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also good for business.”

Subway customers are encouraged to make the healthier choice and can choose from a wide selection of breads which have been reduced in salt, including higher fibre options. There are many lower fat fillings to choose from and a fantastic range of salads which are unlimited. The selection of fizzy drinks is small with a good range of alternative drinks to choose from.

At least half of the food Subway serve needs to meet the healthyliving criteria, prepared using both healthier ingredients and healthier cooking methods, and healthy and nutritious food is required to be available for children in places where they are served.

“It’s fantastic to see a global brand like Subway make such a strong commitment to the healthyliving award,” Said Anne Lee, healthyliving award Manager at NHS Health Scotland.  

“I believe it is reflective of the values that underpin the organisation.  With 176 Subway branches across Scotland, they are accessible in city centres as well as in local neighbourhoods.  And now that they hold the healthyliving award many people in Scotland are able to choose, with confidence, a healthier option when purchasing food outside their home. 

“Hopefully, this will demonstrate to other quick serve restaurants that achieving the healthyliving award is possible and encourage them to do likewise.”

For further details please see the full press release.