Healthy catering guide to help improve children’s menus

18 November 2015

Food Standards Scotland and NHS Health Scotland have launched new guidance to help restaurants, cafes and takeaways improve their children’s menus.

This guidance was published on Thursday 12 November and is aimed at caterers. Its purpose is to help caterers change their menus to help encourage children aged between 2-12 years old choose foods which are healthier. The guide asks caterers to make small and simple changes to the food they offer their young consumers; for example including one portion of fruit or vegetables in very meal.

You can find a copy of the guidance on the FSS website. If this guidance is of interest, the FSS have a suite of healthier catering guidance tailored to different types of food service businesses.

The working group which published this guidance was chaired by NHS Health Scotland and this new guidance is compatible with the food for children criteria of the healthyliving award. The publication of this guidance fulfils one of the Scottish Governments commitments, as set out in their Supporting Healthy Choices Framework, to put children’s health first.