REHIS Elementary Food and Health Course

12 February 2014

This short course covers the relationship between food and health. It is designed to provide nutritional information to people working in a wide range of catering outlets from staff canteens, school nurseries and community groups to restaurants and café bars.

Developed in conjunction with the Scottish Executive, The healthyliving award, NHS Health Scotland, the Food Standards Agency Scotland and Community Food and Health Scotland the course covers the following areas:

  • Basic nutrition and eating for health.
  • The relationship between food and well-being.
  • Making appropriate quantitative and qualitative dietary changes.

The course provides participants with up to date information that extends their knowledge and understanding of the relationship between food and health.

The course consists of five modules:-

  • A general introduction.
  • The function of food.
  • Energy measures and influences on food intake.
  • Eating for health and well-being.
  • Putting it all together-Action Planning.

The Food and Health Handbook, produced by Health Scotland, is provided as a supplementary reference and resource material for participants. The course is examinable and successful candidates receive a REHIS Elementary Food and Health Certificate.

The course is aimed at people working directly and indirectly with food, including organisations working with Hungry for Success,universities and colleges delivering food-related courses, community groups and members of the general public.

The course is delivered by the Institute’s extensive network of Approved Training Centres. It has been designed for a wide range of participants including caterers of all types, health care staff, staff in the retail food sector, the hospitality industry, the leisure industry, the advertising industry, education (teachers and caterers), and community cooperatives and cafés. The appeal of the course also extends over a wide range of training providers; REHIS Centres delivering the course include commercial training companies, local authorities, colleges/universities, schools, the NHS and HM Prison Service.

For further details contact Graham Walker, Director of Training or the REHIS Training Section at REHIS, 19 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh EH3 8HX or by telephone on 0131 229 2968 or by email at or