Healthyliving award – catering for success

18 March 2015

The healthyliving award (HLA) will today reward caterers, from across the length and breadth of Scotland, for making it easier to eat healthily when eating out.

There are over 730 award holders in the country serving over 227,000 customers daily. Today’s ceremony hosted by broadcaster Stephen Jardine will celebrate the success of 185 of these businesses. Of these businesses 125 are first time award achievers, while 15 are being celebrated for renewing their award for their 4th time. The other 45 businesses are being rewarded for moving onto the higher level of award the healthyliving award plus.

The caterers are from a wide range of businesses types from community and voluntary run cafes, to off-shore platforms and workplace restaurants, to food-to-go caterers, prisons and mobile food vans. Demonstrating that healthier catering and the award is achievable by all types of caterers.

The award forms an integral part of the Scottish Governments Supporting Healthy Choices; A Framework for Voluntary Action and is part of a national drive to reduce health inequalities.

The ceremony taking place today at Hampden Park, welcomes Maureen Watt, Minister for Public Health.

Minister for Public Health Maureen Watt said:

“These caterers are on the front line of our efforts to improve the nation’s diet. When a caterer signs up for the healthyliving award they are making a commitment to offer healthier options to their customers and to help them to lead healthier lives. Cumulatively, these small steps all make a big difference to the nation’s health, and I’d like to thank all HLA holders for their efforts.”

Steve Bell, Director of Health Working Lives at NHS Health Scotland said:

“The healthyliving award plays an important role in helping us make healthier choices when we eat out. I am delighted to see the commitment and dedication of the chefs and managers being reflected in the increasing numbers of awards being presented.  Each one is playing their part by focusing on reducing the salt, fat and sugar content and thinking about the way they prepare food. The demand for healthier food has never been higher, and the healthyliving award shows that the food has been made with our their health in mind."

For further details read the full press release.