24 February 2020

Coretalk Winter 2020 edition is available now

26 November 2019

Coretalk Autumn 2019 edition is available now

9 August 2019

Read the Summer 2019 edition of Coretalk.

16 April 2019

Read the Spring 2019 edition of Coretalk, our 49th edition.

12 April 2019

Calmac Ferries are championing healthy Scottish produce on board their fleet of vessels through the healthyliving award and Taste Our Best.

25 February 2019

Read the Winter 2018 edition of Coretalk, our 48th edition.

29 January 2019

VegPower launched a new campaign on 25th January 2019 to encourage children to eat more vegetables. 

18 October 2018

Read the Autumn 2018 edition of Coretalk, our 47th edition.

2 October 2018

Today the Scottish Government have published its consultation paper on restricting the promotion and marketing of targeted foods and drink high in fat, sugar and salt where they are sold to the public.

12 September 2018

We are holding an award ceremony on the 27th February 2019 to celebrate our most recent award holder’s achievements. If you are working towards achievment of an award and want to be presented -  read more about deadlines you need to meet to be included.

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