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In this issue sustainability is very much to the fore, as we report on recently published guidance on sustainable procurement. Some of our award holders are embracing this wholeheartedly by growing their own fruit, vegetables and herbs; read about how one such catering team is getting back to the earth in their own polytunnel.

And if you’re inspired to grow your own, or just looking for a novel way to use some seasonal produce, we have a fabulous recipe for courgette cake for you to try.

If you’re looking forward to some great days out as summer approaches, we have some food-filled suggestions in our Dates for your diary section.

With over 600 businesses and organisations currently holding the healthyliving award, it’s easier to find a healthy place to eat in most corners of Scotland. For a full list of award holders and lots more information about the award, remember to visit the website at www.healthylivingaward.co.uk.

What’s cooking?

Action plan secures the way forward for healthyliving award

The Scottish Government has shown its commitment to the healthyliving award with the publication of the Obesity Route Map Action Plan. The award features prominently in the Action Plan, which sets out targets for the uptake of the award by both public and private sector caterers over the next three years.

The Action Plan and accompanying Indicators follow the publication of the Obesity Route Map last year, as reported in the November issue of Coretalk. The Action Plan reflects the direction of travel set out in the Obesity Route Map and highlights key milestones which will be monitored and updated on an ongoing basis. The Scottish Government will use the Action Plan as a means of determining progress in tackling obesity.

Through the Action Plan the Scottish Government states its commitment to working with Consumer Focus Scotland to extend the healthyliving award to all caterers within public sector organisations, and also to have a stronger presence on the high street. It also recognises that the healthyliving award plus offers an opportunity to increase the ratio of healthy options on menus from participating caterers.

Sites such as St Johns Hospital,
Livingston, are leading the way

The healthyliving award is also included in the list of indicators that have been chosen to monitor progress of the Action Plan. Its inclusion recognises that increasing the number of establishments that hold the healthyliving award could have a high impact in improving diet across Scotland.

The award has already been achieved by more than 80 per cent of NHS catering sites, and around 48 per cent of eligible local authority sites have achieved, or are working towards, award status. The Action Plan sets challenging targets to increase the number of awards in these areas as well as the wider public sector, including further and higher education sites.

The focus remains on the public sector in setting an example of best practice. However all private sector employers with dining or cafeteria facilities will also be encouraged through the Action Plan to participate in the award.

For more information and to download the Action Plan and Indicators, visit the Scottish Government website.

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May 2011
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